Choose happiness

Happiness is a decision. This is the fact and every human being on this planet create his or her own. The common mistake is that people are looking outside of themselves for something or someone to bring them this feeling.

Rumi once said: “We go from room to room looking for the diamond necklace around our neck.”

So it is when we search “everywhere” for happiness, we never see where it really is. It was us all along.

currency of happiness
So where does one find happiness?
Stop looking outside for what can only be found inside. And make a decision to be happy.

Let me repeat one more time:

Happiness DOES depend on your decision to be happy.

So repeat this words:

  • I am deciding for happiness!
  • I like myself!
  • I can do it.
  • I believe something wonderful is going to happen to me today.

Repeat them over and over.

If you start deciding for happiness today and work on every single day, after 30 days your life will be completely different.

The best time to start is NOW!

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